Braided leather bags, pieces of art

Braided leather bags, pieces of art

November 20, 2019

Braided leather bags, pieces of art made of genuine leather

When It comes to braided leather bags we talk about a special technique of creating leather items. Those high quality leather bags are produced by master handcrafts by manipulating a single piece of leather with two slits into a braided strip. Despite their simplicity, bags are very fundamental items for the everyday life, as they allow people to easily collect loose objects.


According to the best Florentine tradition, Infinity Firenze produces various types of leather bags, both for women and men. Among our products you can discover various braided leather bags.

Braided bags production needs time and dedication.

Only the advanced skills of masters of leather processing can lead to the creation of these wonderful objects.
Because of these artisan techniques very valuable objects can be produced. The cost of those items is motivated by the long processing of the product and the high quality material used. The braided leather is in fact matched with stitching and materials for closing the bag, such as brass and other metals, with a very meticulous work.

Braided leather bags items

The models of braided leather bags that you can find at Infinity Firenze's shop are:

Shopper grande intrecciato. The Shopper Grande combines practicality and style. Made of supple leather, it is a roomy, yet light shopping companion. Front and back sides are made of woven leather.

Shopper intrecciata a mano. This light medium-size shopper combines practicality and style. It comes in various vibrant colors and is made of supple leather. One of the best choices possible If you look for something colorful and fun.

All items are available in our shop in the hearth of Florence nearby Ponte Vecchio.