Quality Guarantee

We guarantee the quality of all our products.

In manufacturing our goods we try to balance different aspects, always emphasising quality, practicality and design.

We prefer not to follow fashion, but to create timeless objects of lasting beauty. We have showed at trade fairs in Florence (Pitti Immagine, Pitti Trend etc.), in Milan (Milanovendemoda, Mipel etc.), and in New York City (FAE, Accessory Circuit, etc).

If you are interested, you are welcome to enquire about our wholesale conditions. Some of our products are one-of-a-kind and therefore are not replicable.

One of the leathers we like the most is the “volanato vegetale”, which is a bovine leather tanned in Tuscany with plants extracts and finished by hand, like it used to be in the old times.

We also use the buttery nappa, the deer, the furs, the american alligator, the ostrich, etc. all breeded for this purpose.

Most of the hardware used is solid brass, bronze, or metal alloys. Our collection of sterling buckles is very classic. The solid gold buckles are 14 ct. each. We collaborate with several artisans in our area who guarantee a high level of craftsmanship.