About Us

Infinity is a family owned company that handcraft leather bags and belts of quality since 1973. Eugenio Provaroni (Enio), a Tuscan, and Jane Dengler from Boston (MA), begun experimenting with artistic leather in 1970, becoming part of the "New Renaissance Movement" funded by "I Liberi Artigiani di Firenze." Other interests like yoga, the healing arts and native traditions were part of the upbringing.

Our Company, which has grown together with our 3 children, has been given all the love and care that only a devoted family can give. As our company name implies, we are holistically oriented, and believe that there is much more around us than what we can see, and that good results can be obtained through good, original ideas and effective action.

In addition to the high quality you will find in our products, we have factory prices. Without intermediaries in our business, there is not much markup in retail our prices.