Fiera dell'Artigianato in piazza dei Ciompi a Firenze, Artefacendo; Craftmans market in Piazza dei Cimpi, Florence

Craftsmanship in Florence

May 17, 2020

Shopping in Florence is a very rich experience, which will guide you through the intricate streets of the center, to discover historical traditions and now rare crafts.

Craftsmanship in Florence is a true vocation for entire families, who jealously pass on their secrets from generation to generation.

The style of the artisan shops in Florence is known and loved all over the world, thanks to its ability to preserve the past and renew it with productions that look to the future (it is no coincidence, for example, that Pitti Uomo, one of the most renowned events of international fashion, take place in Florence).

Ready for a quality shopping day? Here are the shops not to be missed!

The craftsmen recommended by Infinity Firenze:

Pestelli Creazioni
"Tommaso Pestelli specialized in sculpture and art of restoration, collaborating with the Opificio delle Pietre Dure and many other national and international museums, and then followed in the footsteps of his ancestors, however, adding his own, returning to the original spirit and applying directly his imagination and his technique to Pestelli creations, without using other workers. "

Woo Class
They are team of people that work together sharing the same vision:
to build in a natural way transforming our projects in new goals to reach, nurture our genuine passion for work through the study of new and shared ideas, maintain their artisanal skills along with creativity.
They solely produce  eyewear in Tuscany where solid tradition and modern technology are bound into a product crafted by expert and knowledgeable hands.

Old Fashion Sartoria
Old Fashion Sartoria was born in 2002 in Florence with the idea of ​​creating high quality clothing and accessories with refined fabrics, typical of the Tuscan and Italian tradition with particular attention to natural fibers.
The choice of the name Old Fashion wants to suggest a link between past, present and future in which innovation and tradition, art and culture, technique and technology come together in a single solution. In summary, the idea of ​​tailoring is that of a form of artistic craftsmanship that combines the techniques of the past attentive to quality with those of art creation where traditional models are revisited in light of the needs of the present, reflecting the high standard Italian and made in Italy tailoring.

Federico Vianello Microfficina
Federico was born in Venice in 1957, has lived and worked in Florence for more than thirty years.
Goldsmith, philosopher and tightrope walker, since 1980 he invents contemporary jewelry (and not only) in the form of unique pieces or collections, with ancient techniques, modern technologies, and the most free and careful experimentation. For many years, he has collaborated as a teacher with private schools accredited by international universities and has been teaching goldsmith technology and laboratory for the degree course of accessories and goldsmithing at the University of Architecture in Florence for several years.