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Florentine artisans: the expression of made in Italy

November 12, 2019

Florentine artisans are the expression of made in Italy

Florentine artisans: the expression of made in Italy

Florentine artisans are the expression of the production of handmade objects and traditional know-how, the emblem of Made in Italy. When we talk about this type of traditional craftsmanship we can absolutely associate It with the label "Made in family". This second way of calling the original "Made in Italy" has been created because the excellence of Italian handmade products is often based on family know-how. Consequently in our case, that means that technical knowledge and passion for leather working are handed down from generation to generation. in quanto   Florentine artisans, like those from all over the country, produce handcrafted items according to tradition but innovating. In Italy, craftsmanship is distinguished from industrial work. Given the attention paid to the product and the strong passion of Italian artisans, craftsmanship is a highly considered working field in Italy. It is no coincidence that because of this uniqueness, Florentine artisans have contributed to creating the made in Italy brand. in quanto As a matter of fact Made in Italy exports all over the world and It is a synonym of excellence. Italian artisans produce items that are unique in taste, balance and refinement of products. in quanto

Florentine artisans in quanto

Labeling a product as "Made in Italy" is therefore very important for traditional stores like Infinity Florence.  Preserving tradition is as important as telling the story of our products. in quanto That's why one of our goals is indeed to tell the story of our products from tannery to their creation. in quanto As mentioned in the previous articles, in fact, there are many processes behind the production of a handmade leather items like bags, handbags, shoppers, wallets and belts. in quanto According to this tradition we proudly produce Made in Italy bags and accessories of any kind using the best materials. We always keep in mind that Florentine artisans are a very important part of the "Made in Italy" brand. in quanto