Handcrafted leather goods, characteristics

Handcrafted leather goods, characteristics

November 20, 2019

Handcrafted leather goods

Let's discover what makes an artisan boutique really authentic

The handcrafted leather goods production is one of the engines of Made in Italy. Italian leather products are famous worldwide for their quality, style and design.
This trademark is also visible in our shop. As a matter of fact we always produce new prototypes to give the customer more and more original products (like our very recent production of "Ovalino Lilly bags").

The leather business is flourishing, hence you can come across small and large leather shops by simply walking down the city center.

The characteristics of an artisan leather goods shop are what distinguish them from normal stores.
First of all, authentic leather craft shops have their own workshops. In the workshop you can meet the artisans who make these magnificent and unique leather items real.

Furthermore, the artisan shops are distinguished by often having a family management, made by the owners themselves or by the artisans themselves.

Finally, there is a third factor that distinguishes these unique shops in the world: the smell of real leather.
In fact, the smell of tanned and worked made in Italy leather is very strong and easily recognizable. You just need to train your own sense of smell to recognize it!

Besides, the products are displayed with care and shown by qualified personnel who will advise you on the best leather item for your needs. Leather shop's shop assistants will also explain to you how to care about your belt, bag etc...after purchase.

Another distinctive feature in handcrafted leather goods shop is also the attention to customers. According to that, Infinity Firenze in fact provides customers with the knowledge of leather goods masters. This means that you can meet the artisans who made your product and know more about it. In addition to that we offer other additional services like the possibility to order custom items and pick them up once ready.

All these features make the items made by infinity Florence unique and quality, like our Gavetta bestseller unisex bag.

Handcrafted leather goods, characteristics