Handmade bags, many shapes, many styles

Handmade bags, many shapes, many styles

November 20, 2019

Handmade bags. We produce leather bags of any shape and kind

The handmade bags are a specialty of our shop, fully respecting the Florentine tradition.
In fact, by visiting Infinity Florence you can have a 360-degree experience of what Florentine craftsmanship is.
First of all, just think about the setting of our shop. Infinity Firenze is located inside the historical Acciaioli tower, very close to Ponte Vecchio and all the main attractions of the city.

The Infinity Florence experience in creating unique genuine handmade leather objects is 40 years long.
In these decades many tourists and many locals have been able to appreciate the quality and the durability of our products.
In particular, we concentrate on the production of unique handcrafted leather items such as bags, wallets, belts and other accessories.

Our shop is adjacent to the laboratory where the various items are produced. In addition to that, we personally select high quality materials coming from Santa Croce sull'Arno (the so called "Leather District") in Tuscany.
Inside the shop visitors can have a look at the various leather products that are displayed.  Bags, belts and all our leather production is finished with bronze buckles, trimmings and other metal parts.

Italian traditional and modern handmade bags

Infinity Florence is well known for Its handmade bags. Those items are created in various colors and shapes, in order to meet all style needs. As a consequence, our handmade bags are designed for both young and elder people who visit our store.
Finally, you can't doubt the quality of our bags. In fact, our leather goods are not only unique handmade pieces... because they are also characterized by the perfume of authentic Made in Italy leather!

For more information about our handmade bags and our leather goods don't hesitate to contact us.

Infinity Florence also hosts a leather school and offers internships. Our goal is to keep the Florentine leather tradition alive by welcoming all kinds of leather lovers.