Customize bag, Borsa personalizzata


April 11, 2020

Bags, whether for women or men, are one of the essential fashion elements in any wardrobe. After the shoes (but many say even earlier) they are one of the most important pieces that make up the pieces of our style, it is not only a question of aesthetics suitable for our clothes but also a question of functionality as they will carry our effects personal and, starting from this, they must assure us comfort.

The bags are able to bring a distinctive touch to the person who wears them and, when they are chosen, they go to insert us and our personality in a particular fashion style. In practice, a bag is the classic icing on the cake.

A bag worthy of the name has the virtue of lasting over time, resisting not only wear and tear but also to changes in fashion. Without a doubt this category includes leather bags ... capable of surviving any style and any new fashion. They are bags designed specifically to last, just think of the quality of the materials with which they are made, the perfection of artisan production and their design, in which time and creativity are engaged to create a product capable of beating fashions, times and styles.



Fashion goes out of style, style doesn't… (Gabrielle Coco Chanel)
The handcrafted leather bags are perfect for "illuminating" an evening dress, but are at the same time capable of bringing a touch of glam to simple jeans. One could say that they are the salt that gives flavor to the menu of our style. When the bags with which we accompany us are chosen well, they end up becoming an extension of ourselves and, therefore, no longer simple ornaments in which to carry keys, make-up, wallets and other personal items.


For all these reasons, choosing leather bags, handcrafted bags and with limited production is not something to be seen as expensive, but something at the base of which we find a simple question: prefer quantity or quality?