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Handmade leather passport wallet, made for safe traveling

November 20, 2019

Handmade leather passport wallet

A handmade leather passport wallet is a fundamental Item. In fact, It can be a great addition to your travel essentials.

These particular wallets may not be that common to see, but they can be really helpful or your travels.

Handmade leather passport wallets are for keeping your passport, cards, money, and small electronic items such as smartphones safe. Even these leather items can be personalized on your request by the artisans of Infinity Firenze. This can allow you to create a truly unique travel accessory that will accompany you around the world and last over time. As a matter of fact our artisans really focus on the durability of the objects they create, according to the best Florentine handcrafting tradition.

Handmade leather passport wallet | let's discover Infinity Firenze's "Passport holder"

Considering your passport is your most important travel document, you might want to protect It. As we said before, our "Passport holder" is a cover capable to survive intensive use for many years. It's available in an array of different unisex colors, leather used to make this object is made of the best hides coming from Tuscanian tanneries. As a consequence you'll have a safe space for your cards, the passport itself and any other object you might want to carry. We always think about travelers needs and this is reflected on the quality of this item.

Passport holder by Infinity Firenze is a practical passport holder to travel in comfort. With space for cards, notes, business cards.

Measures are: 14.5 cm of length and 10 cm of height.

It is characterized by a pocket-size slim design and It can fit all the international size passports. It also includes various internal card slots which are very useful to store your ID card and credit cards. The available colors are: brown, dark brown, red, green and white.

Handmade leather passport wallet, made for safe traveling