Pulizia e rigenerazione borse; Clean and regeneration of your bag

How to clean leather bags > Infinity Firenze

November 12, 2019

Cleaning leather bags is a strongly suggested behavior. Here are some tips regarding how to clean leather bags.

If your leather bag is stained, you don't need to throw it away. You can try to clean it with natural remedies, or use special products. iAnyway, don't forget to ask the Infinity Florence staff during your purchase for information. Let's see how to clean leather bags in case the stain is not deep and big. The first rule is to never use water to remove a stain from a leather bag. This avoids the creation of stains that are difficult to remove. If the stain is light, you can simply soak a cotton ball in a leather cleaner. Rubbing the wad on the stained area can restore the stained part completely. in quanto

How to clean leather bags

You can also try cow's milk, the one used for breakfast, always dipping a cloth and passing it over the stained surface. But a leather cleaner is more recommendable. However, for the leather bag's maintenance, there are several homemade methods like using a body moisturizer. Some people use this solution, using a pair of stockings to polish the surface of the bag.


So let's say the advice is to always ask the Infinity Florence staff on how to treat the various leather items purchased. in quanto As a matter of fact, different materials mean different approaches on how to clean leather bags. Another good tip is to perform a routine cleaning about once a month. At the same time we also suggest you to care about your bag with an intensive treatment at least every 3-4 months. If the inside of the bag is in a light color, clean it more frequently or intervene as soon as you notice the dirt. In addition to that, make sure you keep the inside of the bag clean so that the feeling of cleanliness is total and you don't need to clean your bag that often. With these suggestions even old items will keep their quality over time. To receive advice on how to treat your specific leather item purchased at Infinity Florence, do not hesitate to contact us.