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Leather wallet, a special item for presents and more

November 10, 2019

Leather wallet, a special item for presents and more leather wallet is a special good. Whether you're looking for a special item for a birthday gift, a Christmas present or just want to buy it for yourself, there are several aspects that need to be taken into consideration before the purchase. First, the type of wallet that suits you most. For instance, Infinity Firenze boasts a vaste production of leather wallets. These products are all made with the finest Italian leather coming from the famous Tuscany tanneries. There are several handmade leather wallet models in our shop, differing from style, width and purpose. In addition to that we offer a vast range of colors in order to fulfill all the possible requests.


 As a matter of fact, Italian original leather wallets are made for different purposes. You can find leather wallet such as: 

  • Traditional wallets. A classic wallet made with our top quality leather. It has all the space you need for cards, notes and business cards.
  • Man's small wallets. The minimalist version of the traditional leather wallet for men. A classic wallet made with top quality leather for the everyday use. Plenty of space for cards, notes and business cards
  • Trifold wallets. A pocket one for bills and with card slots
  • Money clip wallets. Men's leather wallet, elegant and practical. Usually soft to the touch, yet durable as any italian original leather item. It includes several card slots, lateral slots, clip for bills.
  • Passport holders. Practical passport holders ideal for travelling. They include space for cards, notes, business cards
  • Credit card holders. The classic card holder handmade with quality leather. Very simple and small, It is the perfect solution if you need space for cards, notes, business cards and some cash.
  • Woman's small wallets. The equivalent of the traditional one for men. Compact and practical, It usually has five slots for cards, a closed coin compartment and a space for bills.

All these kinds of standard leather wallets are available in our shop