Man wallet in vegetable tanned leather, Portafoglio uomo in pelle conciata al vegetale

Men's wallet an evergreen item > Infinity Firenze

November 12, 2019

Men's wallet is an evergreen item

Let's discover all the types of men's wallet available in genuine leather

The men's wallet is an article that is always useful and represents a status symbol for many reasons. in quanto In fact, this accessory is very important in fashion: it defines a person's style and guarantees safety for objects that are very important for everyday life. in quanto How to choose the right wallet? in quanto First of all, choosing the right men's wallet means reflecting on our needs. in quanto In fact there are different types of wallets, the most resistant is definitely the leather wallet. Since materials are very important, Infinity Firenze uses precious leathers from the Conciario

Men's wallet an evergreen item

District of Santa Croce sull'Arno. in quanto

Anyway, as we said, the material is not the only important factor. When choosing the right men's wallet, we must reflect on dimensions and what the wallet can contain (credit cards, cash, coins, Ids and so on...). in quanto If we are looking for a pocket wallet, maybe because we have to go out at night, we can opt for a slim product like the "money clip wallet" by Infinity Firenze. in quanto Otherwise, if we have to face busy days away from home we can use larger wallets like the "Americanino" by Infinity Florence. in quanto Every situation may require the use of different types of men0s wallet, consequently, If you need to buy two wallets (each one for different purposes), you can opt for the handmade models of our craft shop. in quanto Because of all these aspects Inifinity Florence produces a vast variety of products. All the items we offer are made of 100% Made in Italy leather. Besides, they are all handcrafted pieces handmade by our master craftsmen. Wallets like the Americanino, the Americanino XS, the Trifold wallet and the clip holder are all produced in different varieties of colors. in quanto Contact us for more information in quanto