Minimalist handmade leather bag, a smart solution

Minimalist handmade leather bag, a smart solution

November 20, 2019

Minimalist handmade leather bag, a smart solution for all seasons

Minimalist handmade leather bag is a very trendy item.

More and more men are going for this solution nowadays to collect various everyday items like wallets, scarfs, mobiles and so on...

As a consequence the choice of a minimalist handmade leather bags has become very popular recently. Due to the practicality and astonishing beauty the minimalist handmade leather bag has become a top seller among men's bags in general.

As a mater of fact more and more men are using those products to make their everyday life easier.


Infinity Firenze also produces an item of this kind called "Borsello minimalist". This minimalist handmade leather bag is a very handful and extremely fashionable piece of handcrafted leather

This handcrafted bag for men is made of vegetable-tanned leather. It is an elegant, practical bag which is suitable for any occasion.

It includes an inside zip pocket, a back pocket and an adjustable shoulder strap. The single parts of this bag are sewn by our craftsmen in order to last over time. In fact, seams and brass buckles are worked with the utmost care in order to guarantee a smart and well-made product.

Nonetheless some people don't like leather bags because of their weight. For this reason we decided to make this bag easy to carry with Its (approximately) 0.5 Kg of weight.

The measures of this bag are:

21 cm of length, 22 cm of height and 5 cm of width.

If you're looking for a quite big yet very comfortable to wear bag the Borsello minimalist can be the right solution for you. Finally, It is an emblem of the Made in Italy and Made in Florence leather production, giving you style and a guarantee of quality.


For further information about this minimalist handmade leather bag please do not hesitate to contact us. If the article is missing in your favorite color you can write your request in our form.