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Unisex leather pouch can be an ideal gift

November 20, 2019

A unisex leather pouch can be a perfect gift.

Unisex leather pouch can be a perfect item for a present or simply a way of simplifying your everyday life.

Pouches are made from supreme quality materials that can withstand years of use. If you are someone who is seeking stylish and chic bags for the everyday life, then this is an ideal item to try! In fact, even though this kind of bag is quite small, It boasts enough pockets to organize daily essentials properly. From your diary to make up items for women, money and so can keep everything in a tidy and organized way.

Unisex leather pouch, a perfect gift idea for birthdays and Christmas

Fashion unisex handmade handbags make a perfect gift! As a matter of fact you can gift your near and dear ones and show off your excellent taste in fashion.

On the other hand these items, like the ones we produce at Infinity Firenze, can be simply a great pick for your everyday life.

Regarding our specific products of these kind we mainly offer you two kinds of unisex leather pouch.  One is called "Marsupio Drago" and the other "Marsupio Pippo".

Marsupio Drago is a stylish and elegant kind of pouch. It comes in various colors and each model has different details. In fact, since these bags are handcrafted pieces made from leather, every item is unique.  Made of cowhide vegetable tanned leather, It's probably the most eccentric and funny bag of our assortment. It is characterized by having only one zipper and It is in full leather lining.

Marsupio Pippo can appear as a more sober solution instead. Notwithstanding that, this item still represent the infinite fantasy of Florentine artisans.

Mainly inspired by the 90s style It's a very comfortable bag to wear. This unisex leather pouch is made of cow vegetable tanned leather and It has an inside pocket and a second back zipper.

Unisex leather pouch can be an ideal gift

Unisex leather pouch can be an ideal gift