Handcrafted items generally offer higher quality and more attention to detail. In addition to that they can give buyers some surprising side benefits as well.
First of all, there are a lot of factors that will make you more satisfied with the purchase you don't expect. Buying a handmade item is satisfactory for those who buy for various reasons. One may be that the production of manual objects is good for the environment. In fact, compared to mass production, artisans consume less energy because they do most of the leather post-production by hand. Furthermore, It is very common to have a certain sense of satisfaction in buying directly from craftsmen. Knowing people and traditions is part of a travel experience.
In addition to that, It is a fact that buying leather products in the artisan's store can help you to save money.
Therefore you'll be more satisfied with your purchase.
So, as we can see, customers prefer to have a direct purchasing experience, getting personally in touch with those who produce unique leather items rather than buying from expensive and unreliable intermediaries.

Why to choose handmade products | Infinity Firenze's trademark

Regarding our leather goods productions, all items are 100% handcrafted and made from Made in Italy genuine leather. Our items are produced in the workshop adjacent to our shop.  The attention we pay to all production phases makes our products stronger and more durable. Notwithstanding the good value for money of our bags, wallets and goods, we aim to realize only top quality products. Following the best Florentine tradition our aim is to make objects that are able to last over time. You can contact us for further information.   You can also check our news section (or ask directly shop assistants) about how to keep and clean our leather items after purchase. We also host a leather school and offer internships
  Why to choose handmade products