Handmade leather bags in Florence

Here are some tips if you're looking for handmade leather bags in Florence

Bags have always been almost a cult item. The Florentine artisan production is a global point of reference for the purchase of these particular leather products. In fact, in every corner of the city center you can find shop windows displaying traditional leather products. In fact, the art of leather processing consists in carrying on an old tradition of the city.

Leather workshops are places where the goods are produced and sold in the same location. Thus, they can be a wonderful place to visit during your holiday in Florence.

Shops like these let you experience the artistic traditions that made Florentine leather craftsmanship famous all over the world.

If you want to soak up the atmosphere while admiring leather workers make their handcrafted leather goods, Infinity Florence might well worth a visit. As a matter of fact, our shop is an emblem of this typical shops you can only find in town.

Furthermore, workshops offer products that have a very good value for money. It is certainly true that handmade leather bags, wallets and belts can be found at reasonable prices in town. So, take profit of the advantages of a short supply chain based on quality (things also cost less because there's no 'middle-man') and experience something historical and authentic by visiting us.

Hanmade leather bags in Florence | The handcrafted products of Infinity Firenze

Infinity Firenze is proud of this tradition and wants to promote this fascinating art by creating unique handcrafted leather products.

If you're looking for one of the best handmade leather bags in Florence you can choose among our products.

We boast a vast assortment of backpacks, briefcases, duffel bags, hammer leather bags, handbags, satchels and various kinds of shopper bags.

You can contact us for more information or visit our shop in Borgo Santi Apostoli. Our shop is located inside the historical Acciaioli tower, close to Ponte Vecchio and the most popular tourist attractions of the city.


Handmade leather bags in Florence