Leather woman wallet; portafoglio da donna in pelle

Handmade women's leather wallets 100% Made in Italy

November 20, 2019

Handmade women's leather wallets 100% Made in Italy, a solution for everyday life


Handmade women's leather wallets can give you just the right amount of space for cards and cash. In case you prefer bifold wallets, It is fundamental to find the right wallet for your need. These types of women wallets provide a more narrow, sleek design that allow them to slip into your back pocket without unsightly bulges. Even though a faux wallet can still look appealing, only a genuine leather bifold wallet can really provide both style and durability.

Infinity Firenze produces a special women wallet for all these needs. Our craftsmen create and design a unique item that can hold more 5 cards, as well as other necessities. As a consequence, our "Woman's Small" wallet can be a great solution for everyday use.

Handmade women's leather wallets | The "Women's small" wallet

Handmade women's leather wallets are very desirable items. As a matter of fact they're the best way to combine style and practicality.

Whether you need to keep coins, bills, documents or cash you need a trustworthy wallet to bring everything with you. Furthermore, since the importance of documents and cash, these types of women's leather wallets must be resistant and last over time.

It is a slim, light yet resistant wallet co carry. Regarding measures this wallet is 11 cm long and 9 cm wide.

In addition to that you can choose your own favorite colors among the ones available. Thus, you can choose among green, white and tan.

In case your favorite color is not available, don't hesitate to contact us in order to customize your wallet.

Our traditional approach to leatherworking also means the best accuracy in satisfying customers needs.

Handmade women's leather wallets 100% Made in Italy