How to care for leather wallets

How to care for leather wallets

November 20, 2019

Here are some tips on how to care for your leather wallets

Leather wallets deserve attention, that's why It is already important to know how to care for leather wallets before purchase.

Therefore, If you want your leather item to be potentially able to last forever you can have a look at the following tips. Here are the main suggestions on how to care for leather wallets


  • First of all, never over stuff. The weight of other objects can seriously damage your high quality leather wallet. In addition to that please make sure your wallet folders are not overcharged. Keeping useless bills or a lot of coins makes the wallet weight heavier and might scratch Its internal surface.
  • Don't sit on them. As a consequence of the first point, be careful not to damage your wallet by sitting on It accidentally. Therefore, try not to keep your leather wallet in your back trouser pocket
  • Always use the right goods for your leather item. Leather is a unique, special material that needs for a different set of care information than you’re probably used to. For instance, in order to remove stains use a damp cloth as soon as you notice dirt or stains. In any case don't use soaps that are not made for leather cleaning, otherwise the quality of your leather wallet might be damaged.
  • Remember to dry Its surface. Whether you get soaked in the rain or accidentally drop some water over your leather wallet don't forget to dry It properly. The most suggested technique is to wipe the surface with a clean, dry cloth and allow it to dry at room temperature. Be careful the wallet is still in its original shape during the drying process.
  • Finally, avoid cracks on the surfaces. Even though scratches are a natural happening when It comes to original Made in Italy leather you can do something about It. As a matter of facts leather needs a bit of moisture to regain its smoothness. Use special products to avoid your leather wallet drying too much and showing too many scratches.
  • Be careful not to damage it with your nails. As a matter of fact a good tip on how to care for leather wallets is actually to use them with care, grabbing them with your whole hand rather than with your fingers.


Last but not least you can ask for suggestions at the Infinity Firenze's shop assistants.