Men's handmade leather wallets, define your style

Men's handmade leather wallets, define your style

November 20, 2019

Men's handmade leather wallets are a very useful item, at the same time they are very important in defining a style

Men's handmade leather wallets are everyday objects. As a matter of fact they're used very often during the day, consequently they are very important.

In fact, the wallet is part of a person's style, so it is very important to choose it carefully. For this reason, men's wallets must be very personalized. Every type of man and every type of style need different items. This is why the leather wallet, which is the most durable and long-lasting among those available in the market, may be the right choice.

Each individual has his own preferences and needs.Therefore Infinity Florences produces handmade wallet for all types of people and style.

Infinity Firenze presents a wide range of men's wallets, both in terms of colors and types of leather. Those products also differ from internal composition and sizes.
Furthermore, our store offers the possibility, also through online booking, to create totally customized wallets.


Men's handmade leather wallets models that you can find in our store vary in size and color.

In our collection men's handmade Made in Italy leather wallets, you can find:

  • The Americanino. The most standard one. It is made in ten different colors and contains 8 credit card folders. It is an emblem of the Italian style. One of our bestsellers
  • Americanino XS. The minimal yet complete version of the previous one. Various colors available. It can contain up to 6 credit cards and cash.
  • Credit card holder. A classic card holder handmade with our quality leather. Just what you need for cards, notes, business cards and some cash.
  • Money clip wallet. An elegant and practical wallet. Soft to the touch, yet durable with nine card slots. Besides It also includes a clip for keeping bills.
  • Passport holder. Ten different colors, typical Italian product made of genuine leather, perfect for travelling.