Aaron with leather bought in Santa Croce sull'Arno; Aaron con pelle acquistata a Santa Croce sull'Arno


April 14, 2020

The bag is one of the most loved accessories by women. Versatile, imaginative, there are many types, which allow you to create a thousand combinations with fantastic outfits that are always expressive of your individual personality.
In recent years, when choosing bags, women have focused on quality: it is better to have fewer bags, but handcrafted products with attention to detail and design, such as the handmade Infinity Firenze bags, made in Italy. The handcrafted bags are back in fashion and have nothing to envy compared to the big brands, on the contrary: they are produced one by one with ancient essays and rituals, always with attention to fashion and design, but without forgetting the older leather methods and processes. So each handmade bag is a unique piece, a small jewel made from hours of work and dedication. Perfect, customized, unique.
Why choose to buy a handmade leather bag? There are many reasons.
Needless to deny it: Handcrafted bags are of superior quality, they are made with first choice materials and are cared for individually in every detail. Consequently, each artisan bag is a unique piece: if you want to have an excellent quality product, carefully cared for, then the artisan bag is undoubtedly what you need. A unique and perfect piece.
The models are unique. Every nuance, every seam is handcrafted. You can, therefore, say that your bag, having been sewn by hand, is a unique piece, designed for you and for no one else. This means that each bag is an individual and exclusive piece and as such will make any look you wear exclusive.
Made in Italy is still a sign of the highest quality, which stands out internationally. It is not necessary to have a designer bag when you can have a handcrafted bag, with attention to detail and created with patience and art. Made in Italy worldwide is synonymous with elegance, refinement, excellence, attention to materials, exclusivity.
Elegant and long-lasting
Handmade leather bags are created to last over time, they are resistant, versatile and give femininity and elegance to any look.
Being made by hand allows this product to stand out and for a woman to stand out and be unique is important. In addition, most of the handcrafted bags can be customized and this is another great strength, as it allows them to be truly unique and special.
The right relationship between quality and price
The handmade bags of Infinity Firenze have an excellent quality/price ratio. They cost less than the big brand bags, but are still created with the utmost attention and individually. They have excellent quality materials and are therefore designed to last year after year. They are versatile, adapt well to any type of appearance and are perfect for any time of day.
In short, there are many reasons to choose a handmade bag and to support those who have made their passion and love for leather a work of loyalty, dedication, and perseverance for years. In this way, the beauty of Made in Italy will resist and spread all over the world.