Genuine leather items for the everyday life: handmade bags for men.

The artisans of Infinity Florence produce a large variety of handmade bags for men.


The artisans of Infinity Florence produce a large variety of handmade bags for men. They all differ in style and colors.

We can in fact need backpacks, briefcases and work bags depending on the time of day.
This is why Infinity Florence produces many handmade bags.

For Instance, you can find in our catalog products like the men's briefcase "Two compartments", with two convenient compartments. This bag is produced in both smooth and beaten leather.

Besides, you can find travel bags like the "Pilot Bag" and multi-purpose bags like the "Big Sardinian Backpack".
The Sardinian Backpack is a unisex backpack made of soft yet sturdy Italian leather. It comes with a beautiful hook closure and curved straps. This bag is very comfortable to wear. In addition to that, It can also be a useful backpack to hold your laptop and your tablet.

Other very useful and beautiful handbags are the "Minimalist Messenger" and the great "Messenger Miguel".
The Minimalist Computer Bag accommodates your work essentials, like 13 "laptop or tablet and is an elegant addition to your wardrobe.

The" Miguel messenger "is a roomy and sturdy, yet soft messenger bag instead. It can fit a 15" laptop, a large ring binder or even everything needed for an overnight trip.
This last bag is an example of our custom products. In fact, it was included in our catalog after it was made specifically for one of our customers.

This is just a hint of all the bags that are available at Infinity Firenze.

Don't miss out the opportunity to visit us and ask more about our production of handmade bags for men.

Whether you need to go to work or out for a journey, leather bags are among the most fashionable and durable solutions.




Minimalist handmade leather bag, a smart solution for all seasons

Minimalist handmade leather bag is a very trendy item.

More and more men are going for this solution nowadays to collect various everyday items like wallets, scarfs, mobiles and so on...

As a consequence the choice of a minimalist handmade leather bags has become very popular recently. Due to the practicality and astonishing beauty the minimalist handmade leather bag has become a top seller among men's bags in general.

As a mater of fact more and more men are using those products to make their everyday life easier.


Infinity Firenze also produces an item of this kind called "Borsello minimalist". This minimalist handmade leather bag is a very handful and extremely fashionable piece of handcrafted leather

This handcrafted bag for men is made of vegetable-tanned leather. It is an elegant, practical bag which is suitable for any occasion.

It includes an inside zip pocket, a back pocket and an adjustable shoulder strap. The single parts of this bag are sewn by our craftsmen in order to last over time. In fact, seams and brass buckles are worked with the utmost care in order to guarantee a smart and well-made product.

Nonetheless some people don't like leather bags because of their weight. For this reason we decided to make this bag easy to carry with Its (approximately) 0.5 Kg of weight.

The measures of this bag are:

21 cm of length, 22 cm of height and 5 cm of width.

If you're looking for a quite big yet very comfortable to wear bag the Borsello minimalist can be the right solution for you. Finally, It is an emblem of the Made in Italy and Made in Florence leather production, giving you style and a guarantee of quality.


For further information about this minimalist handmade leather bag please do not hesitate to contact us. If the article is missing in your favorite color you can write your request in our form.




A unisex leather pouch can be a perfect gift.

Unisex leather pouch can be a perfect item for a present or simply a way of simplifying your everyday life.

Pouches are made from supreme quality materials that can withstand years of use. If you are someone who is seeking stylish and chic bags for the everyday life, then this is an ideal item to try! In fact, even though this kind of bag is quite small, It boasts enough pockets to organize daily essentials properly. From your diary to make up items for women, money and so can keep everything in a tidy and organized way.

Unisex leather pouch, a perfect gift idea for birthdays and Christmas

Fashion unisex handmade handbags make a perfect gift! As a matter of fact you can gift your near and dear ones and show off your excellent taste in fashion.

On the other hand these items, like the ones we produce at Infinity Firenze, can be simply a great pick for your everyday life.

Regarding our specific products of these kind we mainly offer you two kinds of unisex leather pouch.  One is called "Marsupio Drago" and the other "Marsupio Pippo".

Marsupio Drago is a stylish and elegant kind of pouch. It comes in various colors and each model has different details. In fact, since these bags are handcrafted pieces made from leather, every item is unique.  Made of cowhide vegetable tanned leather, It's probably the most eccentric and funny bag of our assortment. It is characterized by having only one zipper and It is in full leather lining.

Marsupio Pippo can appear as a more sober solution instead. Notwithstanding that, this item still represent the infinite fantasy of Florentine artisans.

Mainly inspired by the 90s style It's a very comfortable bag to wear. This unisex leather pouch is made of cow vegetable tanned leather and It has an inside pocket and a second back zipper.

Unisex leather pouch can be an ideal gift

Unisex leather pouch can be an ideal gift



Handmade duffel bags are a good way of travelling in style

Being always on the go has its advantages and disadvantages, as a result, quality handmade duffel bags can be very important to make your life easier.
First of all, this type of bag is very large. Therefore It can nearly contain everything you need for a whole week of travel.

This is why having a handmade duffel bag can be an excellent investment. As a matter of fact by buying a leather bag of this kind you'll be able to travel in style. Besides, leather bags don't fall apart like cheap travel bags. For this reason you'll be able to avoid buying a new travel bag every year because of the intense use.

At Infinity Florence we are always in touch with tourists and travelers of any kind (work, other reasons). Therefore, we know quite well the travelers needs. This is why we have created models of handmade duffel bags to combine practicality and style. All these bags are of course produced with a touch of Italian style and the best leather Made in Italy. Our handmade duffel bags are made to last over time. The two kinds of bags we offer you are the "Pilot Bag" and the "Doctors travel bag".

Our handmade duffel bags

The Pilot Bag is the perfect duffel bag for your vacations. It is light and provides a lot of space for travel necessities. It is fully lined, It has both an external and an internal zip pocket. In addition to that, It also boasts a secret compartment. We produce this bag in 9 colors, and we provided It with a long comfortable shoulder strap.

Doctors travel bag  is an enduring travel bag made from high quality Italian leather in a classic doctor's bag style. This type of leather ages beautifully with time and use. The small size is suitable as hand luggage for most airlines. It is lined and It boasts an inside zip compartment and a secret pocket. Closures are made of solid brass and you can enjoy your travel by using the comfortable adjustable shoulder strap.

Handmade duffel bags, travel in style




Handcrafted leather portfolios are elegant useful items

Handcrafted leather portfolios are different from usual wallets. Thus this kind of item is made for different purposes.

Notwithstanding Its elegance, this kind of leather good can be very useful in everyday life. That's why we create special handcrafted leather portfolios which are stress-resistant.

Handmade leather portfolios are perfect for fitting your vertical and horizontal notebooks and papers. In addition to that they can also be used as covers to keep little objects safe from everyday bumps and scratches. These leather portfolios are also large enough to store mobile phones, tablets, small laptops, cards and pens. Consequently, whether you are on a journey or not, leather portfolios can really be helpful if you need to take notes, and store all kinds of little objects.

Infinity Florence boasts several unique pieces of leather which are meant to be used as portfolios, all made by our expert craftsmen.


Infinity Firenze offers two types of handcrafted leather portfolios which are also available on our site

Our collection of unique leather goods includes two portfolios, the "Portfolio 3 sides" and the "Portfolio 2 sides".

Since we produce both portfolios in a variety of colors, you can choose your own favorite color to personalize your choice.

The Portfolio 3 sides is a beautiful, sleek leather portfolio that lets you organize in style. Opens flat.

 It is fully lined in leather, It contains a laptop/tablet compartment (up to15''). Furthermore It has slots for pens and notes. This portfolio is closed by a high quality metal zip.

Portfolio 2 sides is way a more classic handcrafted leather portfolio. It is a beautiful, sleek leather portfolio that lets you organize in style. Opens flat.

It is fully lined in leather and has slots for pens and notes.


For additional information about those two products you can visit our shop, or contact us via our contact page.

Handcrafted leather portfolios, elegant useful items



Handmade leather passport wallet

A handmade leather passport wallet is a fundamental Item. In fact, It can be a great addition to your travel essentials.

These particular wallets may not be that common to see, but they can be really helpful or your travels.

Handmade leather passport wallets are for keeping your passport, cards, money, and small electronic items such as smartphones safe. Even these leather items can be personalized on your request by the artisans of Infinity Firenze. This can allow you to create a truly unique travel accessory that will accompany you around the world and last over time. As a matter of fact our artisans really focus on the durability of the objects they create, according to the best Florentine handcrafting tradition.

Handmade leather passport wallet | let's discover Infinity Firenze's "Passport holder"

Considering your passport is your most important travel document, you might want to protect It. As we said before, our "Passport holder" is a cover capable to survive intensive use for many years. It's available in an array of different unisex colors, leather used to make this object is made of the best hides coming from Tuscanian tanneries. As a consequence you'll have a safe space for your cards, the passport itself and any other object you might want to carry. We always think about travelers needs and this is reflected on the quality of this item.

Passport holder by Infinity Firenze is a practical passport holder to travel in comfort. With space for cards, notes, business cards.

Measures are: 14.5 cm of length and 10 cm of height.

It is characterized by a pocket-size slim design and It can fit all the international size passports. It also includes various internal card slots which are very useful to store your ID card and credit cards. The available colors are: brown, dark brown, red, green and white.

Handmade leather passport wallet, made for safe traveling



Handmade Italian leather shopper bags

Handmade Italian leather shopper bags can be the solution to a famous dilemma.
The dilemma that grips many women is the choice of the perfect bag. In fact, we can be interested in various aspects of bags. A quality bag must be versatile, elegant, functional and made to last. Furthermore, we often want to have a bag for all occasions, capable of carrying any type of object with us.

In general, the shopper bag is the most suitable bag for those who prefer capacious and comfortable bags.
If the word “compromise” is not suitable for you, then you can find in the capacious handmade Italian leather shopper bags of Infinity Firenze the definitive answer to your needs.
Our handmade bags, created by our craftsmen, are made to stand out in quality compared to those of industrial production.

Infinity Florence produces a wide range of handmade Italian leather shopper bags.

Due to the high request we have focused our production on this kind of items.

In fact, we have 6 models of shopper bags.

Our bags are made to impress, whether your stile is casual, sporty or elegant. In our shop we display shopper bags of any kind: from the most eccentric to the most sober.
The quality of the materials is top class, as we use only leather coming from the Santa Croce sull'Arno tanneries. As a consequence, buying an Infinity Firenze shopper allows you to own a long-lasting accessory that will gain charm over time. Our handmade shopper bags are completely hand-sewn because we aim to make them the most durable possible.

Each bag has its own closure and concept. From the practical zip and magnetic closure of our "Shopper Semplice", to the hook closure "Moschettone Grande" everything is designed to meet your needs.
As artisans, we are in love with our work and products, so we hope that you can love our leather shopper bags too.

Italian leather shopper bags, quality Made in Italy



Handmade women's leather wallets 100% Made in Italy, a solution for everyday life


Handmade women's leather wallets can give you just the right amount of space for cards and cash. In case you prefer bifold wallets, It is fundamental to find the right wallet for your need. These types of women wallets provide a more narrow, sleek design that allow them to slip into your back pocket without unsightly bulges. Even though a faux wallet can still look appealing, only a genuine leather bifold wallet can really provide both style and durability.

Infinity Firenze produces a special women wallet for all these needs. Our craftsmen create and design a unique item that can hold more 5 cards, as well as other necessities. As a consequence, our "Woman's Small" wallet can be a great solution for everyday use.

Handmade women's leather wallets | The "Women's small" wallet

Handmade women's leather wallets are very desirable items. As a matter of fact they're the best way to combine style and practicality.

Whether you need to keep coins, bills, documents or cash you need a trustworthy wallet to bring everything with you. Furthermore, since the importance of documents and cash, these types of women's leather wallets must be resistant and last over time.

It is a slim, light yet resistant wallet co carry. Regarding measures this wallet is 11 cm long and 9 cm wide.

In addition to that you can choose your own favorite colors among the ones available. Thus, you can choose among green, white and tan.

In case your favorite color is not available, don't hesitate to contact us in order to customize your wallet.

Our traditional approach to leatherworking also means the best accuracy in satisfying customers needs.

Handmade women's leather wallets 100% Made in Italy




Handmade leather bags in Florence

Here are some tips if you're looking for handmade leather bags in Florence

Bags have always been almost a cult item. The Florentine artisan production is a global point of reference for the purchase of these particular leather products. In fact, in every corner of the city center you can find shop windows displaying traditional leather products. In fact, the art of leather processing consists in carrying on an old tradition of the city.

Leather workshops are places where the goods are produced and sold in the same location. Thus, they can be a wonderful place to visit during your holiday in Florence.

Shops like these let you experience the artistic traditions that made Florentine leather craftsmanship famous all over the world.

If you want to soak up the atmosphere while admiring leather workers make their handcrafted leather goods, Infinity Florence might well worth a visit. As a matter of fact, our shop is an emblem of this typical shops you can only find in town.

Furthermore, workshops offer products that have a very good value for money. It is certainly true that handmade leather bags, wallets and belts can be found at reasonable prices in town. So, take profit of the advantages of a short supply chain based on quality (things also cost less because there's no 'middle-man') and experience something historical and authentic by visiting us.

Hanmade leather bags in Florence | The handcrafted products of Infinity Firenze

Infinity Firenze is proud of this tradition and wants to promote this fascinating art by creating unique handcrafted leather products.

If you're looking for one of the best handmade leather bags in Florence you can choose among our products.

We boast a vast assortment of backpacks, briefcases, duffel bags, hammer leather bags, handbags, satchels and various kinds of shopper bags.

You can contact us for more information or visit our shop in Borgo Santi Apostoli. Our shop is located inside the historical Acciaioli tower, close to Ponte Vecchio and the most popular tourist attractions of the city.


Handmade leather bags in Florence






Why to choose handmade products. Special items of higher quality.

Handmade products offer many advantages in comparison to industrial products. Let's find out why to choose handmade products.
Handcrafted items generally offer higher quality and more attention to detail. In addition to that they can give buyers some surprising side benefits as well.
First of all, there are a lot of factors that will make you more satisfied with the purchase you don't expect. Buying a handmade item is satisfactory for those who buy for various reasons. One may be that the production of manual objects is good for the environment. In fact, compared to mass production, artisans consume less energy because they do most of the leather post-production by hand. Furthermore, It is very common to have a certain sense of satisfaction in buying directly from craftsmen. Knowing people and traditions is part of a travel experience.
In addition to that, It is a fact that buying leather products in the artisan's store can help you to save money.
Therefore you'll be more satisfied with your purchase.
So, as we can see, customers prefer to have a direct purchasing experience, getting personally in touch with those who produce unique leather items rather than buying from expensive and unreliable intermediaries.

Why to choose handmade products | Infinity Firenze's trademark

Regarding our leather goods productions, all items are 100% handcrafted and made from Made in Italy genuine leather. Our items are produced in the workshop adjacent to our shop.  The attention we pay to all production phases makes our products stronger and more durable. Notwithstanding the good value for money of our bags, wallets and goods, we aim to realize only top quality products. Following the best Florentine tradition our aim is to make objects that are able to last over time. You can contact us for further information.   You can also check our news section (or ask directly shop assistants) about how to keep and clean our leather items after purchase. We also host a leather school and offer internships
  Why to choose handmade products