Unique handcrafted pieces are something special, something you will never forget

Infinity Firenze is proud of Its handcrafting tradition. Our goal is to create unique handcrafted pieces

Unique handcrafted pieces like wallet, belts, bags and other genuine leather items are something special.

If you are looking for something unique that can remind you of a journey for the rest of your life, buying a unique piece of leather can really be the best solution for you.

Unique handcrafted pieces, made in Florence

Finding leather clothes or leather goods is not difficult. In the world there are many companies producing leather goods with industrial production systems. The goal in this case is to create an enormous quantity of objects of the same kind.
However, these systems do not lead to having unique and unforgettable products.
The magic of Florentine craftsmanship is that products are unique leather pieces. Infinity Firenze proudly belongs to this local tradition. in quanto

Infinity Firenze is proud of Its handcrafting tradition. Our goal is to create unique handcrafted pieces

Furthermore, the creation of customized products on request is another plus that gives value to the leather items we offer. in quanto
In any case, buying unique handcrafted pieces is a way keeping a place you visited during a journey always with you. This is due to the fact that authentic handmade products of this kind can only be found in florentine local leather shops. in quanto

Furthermore, the choice of unique leather products is useful in everyday life.
For instance, real Italian leather bags and belts are really useful for an intensive use. This is because of the well known resistance of the genuine leather items.
Unique leather items can be of various types: in quanto

  • Backpacks
  • Briefcases
  • Duffel bags
  • Hammered leather items
  • Handbags
  • Satchels
  • Shoppers

and also accessories like belts and wallets. in quanto

Given the attention we pay to the construction of these leather products, the quality is very high. Thanks to the attention to detail, the unique traditional leather products are something you can only find in Florence. in quanto
Don't hesitate to visit us during your stay in Florence. Touching and feeling the spell of real unique handcrafted pieces of leather is something special.

What is the difference between real Italian leather and faux leather? And what about the undesired fake leather?

Here are some tricks to distinguish between real Italian leather and other materials.

First, it is not so easy to understand if what we have ahead is made of real Italian leather or not, because aesthetically it can look very similar to the real one. The distinction is basically made by the different quality of the materials. In quanto

Genuine leather is flexible, soft, and It is characterized by a strong and warm smell. In fact, real Italian leather is far more resistant than other similar materials. Since the different durability, real Italian leather is way a more good form of investment in comparison to other materials. In quanto

How to identify real Italian leather easily

If you're looking for authentic Italian leather goods,

choosing a made in Tuscany product can be one of the best solutions available. The most important aspect you have to take into consideration in order to recognize this material by yourself is the unmistakable leather smell. 

Real Italian leather has a distinctive and unmistakable smell, a quite strong one actually. If you have two objects in your hands, one in real leather and the other one in faux leather, just smell them, you will immediately realize the difference. Other materials will not smell of anything (at best) or a sensation of naphtha will occur. While real Italian leather is a sort of everlasting material (It even gets better after years of usage),  faux and fake leather don't have this characteristic. This is because plastic fibers are very different from the real Italian leather ones.

Other methods to test real Italian leather, like the one that Infinity Firenze adopts (coming from the tanneries of Santa Croce sull'Arno), are: In quanto

  • The use of a lighter. Authentic leather, because of its chemical treatment does not react to fire and fibers are not modified by the fire produced by the lighter. In quanto
  • Dropping water on the surface. Drop a drop of water on the leather good and leave it there for about thirty seconds. Authentic leather absorbs water without altering the structure of its fibers (and therefore without being damaged). In quanto

Notwithstanding that, be aware that some leather goods like jackets, might have been treated in tannery to become water repellent. In this case water won't be absorbed but the smell of genuine leather will always be recognizable.



Leather wallet, a special item for presents and more leather wallet is a special good. Whether you're looking for a special item for a birthday gift, a Christmas present or just want to buy it for yourself, there are several aspects that need to be taken into consideration before the purchase. First, the type of wallet that suits you most. For instance, Infinity Firenze boasts a vaste production of leather wallets. These products are all made with the finest Italian leather coming from the famous Tuscany tanneries. There are several handmade leather wallet models in our shop, differing from style, width and purpose. In addition to that we offer a vast range of colors in order to fulfill all the possible requests.

Leather wallet, a special item for presents and more

 As a matter of fact, Italian original leather wallets are made for different purposes. You can find leather wallet such as: 

  • Traditional wallets. A classic wallet made with our top quality leather. It has all the space you need for cards, notes and business cards.
  • Man's small wallets. The minimalist version of the traditional leather wallet for men. A classic wallet made with top quality leather for the everyday use. Plenty of space for cards, notes and business cards
  • Trifold wallets. A pocket one for bills and with card slots
  • Money clip wallets. Men's leather wallet, elegant and practical. Usually soft to the touch, yet durable as any italian original leather item. It includes several card slots, lateral slots, clip for bills.
  • Passport holders. Practical passport holders ideal for travelling. They include space for cards, notes, business cards
  • Credit card holders. The classic card holder handmade with quality leather. Very simple and small, It is the perfect solution if you need space for cards, notes, business cards and some cash.
  • Woman's small wallets. The equivalent of the traditional one for men. Compact and practical, It usually has five slots for cards, a closed coin compartment and a space for bills.

All these kinds of standard leather wallets are available in our shop

Italian leather bags and leather goods

Nowadays Made in Italy products are a blend of tradition and innovation.

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We are a leather craft company and we want to remain artisanal, we don't want to become a mass production company as there are so many.
We work to do special and unique products.
To emphasize the quality of our products and the talent of our artisans, we started applying Lean Manufacturing to our company, a method that is allowing us to reduce waste and become more efficient, in a path of continuous improvement.
For an artisan company like ours, where the human task is in the center it’s really important to reduce waste to a minimum.
This gives us the possibility of devoting most of our time to the actual making our leather products, wasting less time looking for materials and tools in our workshop and improving our procedures.
Every artisan in our company needs to know the full process of leather manufacturing, from the choice of the hides to the final embellishments. We try to grow every day with our morning meetings, where every one of us shares his knowledge with all the team. 
Lean Manufacturing was invented in car manufacturing companies, so it may seem strange to adopt it in an artisanal company, but we believe that thanks to this method, the time we can dedicate to the artistic part of making our unique objects can be at the center of our attention.

Our company Infinity is located in a part of an ancient Tower of Florence,  we will tell you a story of revenge in which the family that at the time was the owner of the Torre dei Buondelmonti was involved!

If you are wandering the streets of Florence, between Piazza della Repubblica and Ponte Vecchio and want to take a break from pizzerias and noise 

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