Italian leather bags and leather goods

Nowadays Made in Italy products are a blend of tradition and innovation.

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We are a leather craft company and we want to remain artisanal, we don't want to become a mass production company as there are so many.
We work to do special and unique products.
To emphasize the quality of our products and the talent of our artisans, we started applying Lean Manufacturing to our company, a method that is allowing us to reduce waste and become more efficient, in a path of continuous improvement.
For an artisan company like ours, where the human task is in the center it’s really important to reduce waste to a minimum.
This gives us the possibility of devoting most of our time to the actual making our leather products, wasting less time looking for materials and tools in our workshop and improving our procedures.
Every artisan in our company needs to know the full process of leather manufacturing, from the choice of the hides to the final embellishments. We try to grow every day with our morning meetings, where every one of us shares his knowledge with all the team. 
Lean Manufacturing was invented in car manufacturing companies, so it may seem strange to adopt it in an artisanal company, but we believe that thanks to this method, the time we can dedicate to the artistic part of making our unique objects can be at the center of our attention.

Our company Infinity is located in a part of an ancient Tower of Florence,  we will tell you a story of revenge in which the family that at the time was the owner of the Torre dei Buondelmonti was involved!

If you are wandering the streets of Florence, between Piazza della Repubblica and Ponte Vecchio and want to take a break from pizzerias and noise 

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Welcome To Our Site

April 14, 2015

Welcome to our store's new online presence, where you can shop for many of the handcrafted leather items available in our Florence workshop as well as request customized items.